So, you got an appointment for tooth extraction with your Dentist or Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon. You might think about what to do and what not to do after tooth extraction. You might be thinking if there are any specific foods to eat and not to eat. And are there any instructions for diet immediately after extraction and diet after a day of extraction. Lets discuss about the foods and their intake.

Foods after Tooth extraction: What foods to eat & What to foods to avoid

This arises in our minds after the removal of a tooth about foods after Tooth extraction. What foods to eat after tooth extraction runs in our mind with possible side-effects of tooth extraction.

Table of Contents:

1. Foods to eat immediately after tooth extraction

2. Foods to eat within 24 hours after tooth extraction:


Foods to eat immediately after tooth extraction:

After extraction, Dentist or Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon will advise to have cold and soft foods.

  1. Try an ice cream. Yes, you can have an ice cream unless you are having sensitive teeth. Do remember to avoid that crunchy ice cream with sprinkles added.
  2. Cold Smoothies – You can have fruit smoothie. Adding yogurt to it makes less acidic.

Avoid straw while taking fluids

Foods to eat within 24 hours after tooth extraction:

Dentists always recommend to avoid certain food after tooth extraction.

1. Acidic foods – Gums and extracted site may get irritated of ccidic foods and spicy foods.

2. Crunchy Foods – Its best to avoid crunchy snacks which may disturb the healing site.

3. Avoid foods which need lot of chewing such as Meat.

Avoid alcohol after tooth extraction for at least 72 hours.



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