Many of us fear the thought of tooth extraction. We have negative thoughts regarding the effects after tooth extraction. Most of the fear is unnecessary and everything will be fine if we go by doctor’s instructions. If tooth extraction raises so many queries, what about the wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom tooth is the last tooth to erupt in the mouth and access to it is relatively difficult. Because of difficulty, brushing and cleaning the wisdom teeth and its surrounding is difficulty resulting in infection. Even wisdom tooth removal is difficult owing to its accessibility but also its eruption status. So, proper planning before tooth extraction is must and gives us comfort after extraction. Let us see how can we prepare for this surgical procedure.

what to do before getting wisdom teeth pulled

Preparing for wisdom tooth extraction before the procedure eases many of our fears. Before preparation must include discussing with the surgeon regarding your diet before and after procedure, your health problems, medications to take or medication you are already taking, type of anaesthesia and after extraction complications.

Type of Anaesthesia

Depending on wisdom tooth position and roots and your health issues, Surgeon decides upon the type of anaesthesia you can have during the wisdom tooth removal. Discussion with your surgeon about any medications you are already taking will make the procedure even more smooth. Surgeon will assess any drug interactions with anaesthesia and opt for the best.

Diet restrictions before wisdom tooth extraction

You must stop taking food at least  8 hours before the surgery. Taking food just before surgery may lead to avoidable complications. If you are diabetic, discuss the same with your surgeon, who will guide you appropriately.

Prepare your room

Preparing your bed, room and diet will ease a lot of things after surgery. Pile up pillows on your bed and make it comfortable. You will be taking good rest after the surgery which will help you in quick recovery. Try to take rest as much as possible. Watch your favourite movies or read your favourite books.

Plan your diet with soft food after tooth extraction.

You will be having mashed potatoes, purees, smoothies, applesauce, yoghurt and ice creams. Avoiding spicy foods for a few days will be better. Try to hydrate yourself frequently It helps your healing. Do remember to avoid straw while having fluids.

Smoking and Alcohol

Avoid smoking 12 hours before the surgery. Smoking is must to avoid in Oral Surgeries. Even after surgery, smoking must be avoided for 72 hours. If totally stopped, then that will be great. Smoking after surgery, may delay the healing and formation of dry socket.

Avoiding alcohol 12 hours before surgery is best.

Family member or friend

Let a family member or friend accompany you for the surgery. Let a person ride you to home.

Take a day or two days off from work to relax yourself or opt for work from home (if your office permits). Avoiding physically straining work is better avoided for a couple of days makes you feel better.


Following before and after post op instructions makes you comfortable as well as quickens the healing.


Medically Reviewed by Dr Kumar