So, you got an appointment for your wisdom tooth extraction. Typically, for a hospital visit we wear comfortable clothes rather our best dress or party dress, right. But, we always have poser whether surgery visits need any special wear. Is there any protocol. Let us explore the clothing to wear before wisdom tooth extraction.

What to wear when getting wisdom teeth pulled?

Wisdom tooth extraction involves surgical removal. Most probably the procedure is done under IV sedation or Local anaesthesia. Rarely, the Oral & maxillofacial surgeon may suggest the General anaesthesia. Wisdom tooth removal is opt for several reasons. You may be tensed about the big day. Following pre-op instructions and post-op instructions you may ease your anxiety and speed up healing. We may worry about what to eat, what not eat and drink, what to wear, how to rest and many more stuff.

Avoid wearing your favourite dress for the procedure.

Usually, loose fitting, comfortable and relaxed clothing is preferred for this surgical procedure. If it is necessary, the dress must be comfortable enough to take on and off.

They may be sweat pants or pajama pants and t-shirts, whatever comfortable for you. There are chances of your dress may get bit messy with stains.

Go for glasses if you wear contact lenses.

Avoid any kind of jewellery to the procedure.

Food and drink before wisdom tooth removal

Doctors recommend to avoid food and drink before 8 hours before the procedure. As the procedure is often done under IV sedation it best to go with empty stomach to prevent possible regurgitation.

Stocking Foods: You are also suggested to stock foods that are best for after wisdom tooth removal. Ice creams, mashed potatoes, purees, protein shakes.


If you are taking any routine medication, discuss the same with your doctor prior to the procedure. Doctor will suggest the precautions to take your medications. In some, doctors may suggest antibiotics before the procedure and after. Pain relievers – over the counter or prescribed – may also be suggested after the procedure.

Recovery room

Prepare your recovery prior to the procedure. Make your bed with some pillows and to have good sleep.

Do visit the procedure with your family member or friend. The procedure is not complex, but its best you avoid driving. Anaesthesia slowly wears off but you are suggested not to operate any machinery or vehicle for at-least a day.


Doctors suggest to avoid smoking 24 hours before the procedure and 3-4 days after the procedure. Smoking may cause suction which can dislodge the blood clot covering the tooth socket. It may expose the underlying bone resulting in dry socket condition.

Dry socket is a painful condition which may require immediate dental office visit.