Teeth are important part of our body. Not only functional – chewing and Biting – teeth also provide aesthetic value. Smile makes you more beautiful said one quote. Primary and permanent teeth are two types of teeth humans have in their lives. Primary teeth are replaced, usually, between 6 years to 12 years of our lives. Teeth doesn’t repair and regenerate itself. Once we lost Permanent tooth, they cant be replaced naturally by ourselves. Several factors may result in tooth loss. Can we replace the lost tooth? How many teeth replacing options are there? How expensive are the options? Are there any affordable options.

Why is replacing a missing tooth so expensive?

We have several options to choose for replacing missing teeth such as Dental Implants, Fixed Dentures, Removable Dentures. Depending upon some factors we have some of the above options. Cost of each treatment differs. Let us explore more about these options. 


  1. Missing tooth / teeth
  2. Types of teeth replacement options
  3. Cost of the replacement options
  4. Why is replacing a missing tooth so expensive
  5. Summary


Missing tooth / teeth:

There are many factors for tooth loss.

  1. Tooth Decay
  2. Gum diseases
  3. Trauma

These are the common causes for tooth loss.

Types of teeth replacement options:

Some of the important tooth replacement options are Dental Implants, Tooth supported Dentures, Implant supported dentures, Removable Complete Dentures and Removable partial dentures.

  1. Dental Implants : Dental Implants have revolutionised Dentistry. Dental implants screw type metal placed into the bone which acts like tooth root. Over the screw like structure artificial crown is placed. Dental implants may be placed over single tooth implant to replace single missing tooth or multiple dental implants replacing multiple missing teeth. Some dental implants are placed immediately after extracting tooth and some are placed after bone formation.
  2. Tooth supported fixed Dentures: Also known as FPD (fixed partial denture) are placed taking the adjacent teeth as supporting structure. These are popular teeth replacement option for missing single or multiple teeth.
  3. Implant supported dentures: Artificial denture set can also be fixed over implants. Implants support the overlying denture.
  4. Removable complete denture: Removable Complete Dentures are popular option for replacing almost all the teeth set. These are removable option as complete teeth set.

Cost of teeth replacement options:

All teeth replacement options are not same and expensive.

While removable dentures are most affordable teeth replacements, Dental Implants are the most expensive.

In the US the cost of single tooth Dental implant replacement may cost between $3000-$7000. But again several factors influence this cost such as patient overall health, bone, other procedures included, implant systems and rehabilitation. Many influence this. The higher costs influence several patients to look into either alternate options or other countries where a well developed dental tourism with experienced Dental Implantologist clinics such as India.

Cost of Fixed Partial Dentures range from $1000 to $3000 for single tooth depending upon clinic.


Now a days, Dental science has progressed much and patients have many options to choose for replacing their missing teeth. But some factors influence the replacement options such as bone, cost of the treatment, patient overall health status, time taken for replacement and others.


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