Wisdom teeth

Wisdom tooth is the last erupting tooth in the mouth. Wisdom tooth usually erupts after 17 years. It usually erupt within 25 years. In some, these erupt even after 25 years of age. People with smaller mouth often visit dental clinics about annoying wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth pain is one of the most common complaint all over the world.

Reason for wisdom tooth removal

As it is the last tooth to erupt in the mouth, in most of the cases, wisdom tooth doesn’t gets needed space to erupt and function like other molar teeth. Due to lack of space in the oral cavity, it gets stuck inside bone, or partially erupts or deviates its direction. In some cases, it tend to put pressure on the other molar teeth causing new dental health issues. Partially erupted or deviated wisdom tooth often result in accumulation of food. Due to collection of food in narrow spaces between tooth and gum tissues, infection results. Moreover, difficulty to brush the last tooth increases the chance of infection resulting in pain, swelling and pus. In some it may cause fever, ear pain, radiating pain and trismus (difficulty in opening of mouth).

So we can summarise the reasons as:

  • Infected site due to collection of food resulting in pain, swelling, pus. swollen, bleeding gums which are tender to touch.
  • Pressure on adjacent molar teeth – deviating it erupting direction and pressing the other teeth. It may result in infection of the other teeth.
  • Recurring infections involving wisdom tooth after usage of medication


Before wisdom tooth removal

Panoramic x-ray or Panorex is advised as periapical x-ray is inefficient to study impacted wisdom tooth. Panorex shows all the teeth and associated jaw bone. Its a 2d x-ray view of our oral cavity. Panorex shows the tooth relation with each other and with nerve canal. It shows the upper teeth relation with the sinus.

In some, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon may advise to undergo blood work.