Dentures help in chewing and giving the confidence to move comfortably in our social circle. As Denture wearing increases, market is flooded with new denture cleansers. Cleaning Dentures regularly increases its shelf life. But are there any natural techniques which help us keep the denture clean? Market is flooded with various denture cleansers with varying price range. You might be wondering about natural alternatives which are affordable

How to clean dentures naturally

Denture cleaning is regular routine for denture wearers. Dentures are removed during night time and clean them with brush. Dentures are kept in water overnight to keep them moist. While wearing them in the morning do rinse them properly.

Dentures are cleaned with brush just like we do natural teeth. Regular brushing of dentures with soft bristled toothbrush is recommended to remove the plaque and bacteria stick on to the dentures. Not only plaque, but dentures are discoloured because of beverages and regular smoking.

Some of techniques you can use to clean dentures at home are:

Baking soda

Baking soda is used since ages for many purposes. This can be used as an effective whitening agent for dentures.

Just like brushing natural teeth with tooth paste, you can clean the dentures using a tooth brush with baking soda applied on its bristles.


Salt is another cleaning agent we can employ for our dentures.

Finely grounded salt can be used to brush clean the denture surfaces. This will effectively wipe out bacteria and plaque stick on to it.

Secondly, you can soak dentures overnight in salt water. Add salt to a glass of water, place your dentures in the salt water so that they are fully covered in salt water. In the morning, remove dentures and rinse thoroughly, before wearing them.


White vinegar can be an effective disinfectant for dentures. Acidity of white vinegar effectively removes the plaque sticked to the dentures and destroys the bacteria.

Dilute the white vinegar with equal parts of water and soak the dentures overnight. Rinse the dentures while wearing back in the morning.

Do remember that for partial dentures, avoid corrosive agents.

Always do remember that some of the household cleaning techniques may involve corrosive or abrasive agent which may damage the dentures. Do always consult you dentist or refer the denture manufacture manual before cleaning them

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