Will my face swell after wisdom tooth extraction? Many of us have the fear of facial swelling and its consequences after the procedure in dental office. Many try to postpone their procedure fearing. But do we clearly get swelling after wisdom tooth removal. If there is swelling, how to manage it and how to minimise it. What are the important post-op complications.

Will my face swell after wisdom teeth extraction ?

Many will get swelling on their face – cheeks and mouth. But it is not definite that everyone will get facial swelling. Swelling is general reaction of our body after trauma. It is natural and, probably, subsides itself. Facial swelling is not same for all person. It varies in intensity and time to subside. Most of the swelling subside themselves, medication may quicken the process.

Why swelling

Swelling is natural body reaction towards any injury or trauma to the body. Face swelling is not uncommon after face surgery. Swelling is a normal body reaction to surgery. It represents repair and healing.

Where swelling

Swelling, usually, occurs around your cheeks, mouth, eyes and sides of your face.


Swelling is a natural body reaction after surgery. After wisdom tooth extraction, swelling may appear after a day or so. It peaks with in 2 – 3 days and starts subsiding even without any medication.

Counter swelling

Swelling after tooth extraction is not seen all of us. Swelling, though natural, it feels odd and appears something wrong with our body. Our daily activities are disturbed and we start taking steps to minimize it as soon as possible.

ice packs

We can use ice packs to counter swelling. Ice packs are applied externally on our face within 24 hours after extraction plays a great role in minimizing the swelling.

Applying heat

We can apply heat after 2 days of wisdom tooth extraction.

Elevate your head

Elevating your head after extraction minimizes the swelling. Have a pile of pillows to make your head propped while in bed. Elevating you head helps lessen swelling.


You can have medication – prescribed or over the counter – to counter swelling. Medication may quicken the process.

why removing wisdom tooth

Wisdom tooth usually erupts after 17 years of age. It is the last erupted tooth in our mouth. In majority of us, there will be not enough space for the tooth to erupt completely.  The tooth gets stuck in the jaw bone or partially erupts. As it is the last tooth, brushing the tooth is difficult. Infection results in pain, swelling and bad odour. Dentist, usually, suggest removal of the tooth to remove the source of infection.

what other post-op complications after wisdom tooth extraction

Pain may be present after wisdom tooth removal for a few days if the extraction was complicated.

You can have an unpleasant taste for a few days

Tingling sensation, though not uncommon, can be felt at tongue, lips, face.

Following doctors advise after wisdom tooth removal minimizes the post-op complications.