Have you lately noticed any bumps on gums after a wisdom tooth extraction or any other tooth removal. The noticeable bumps on the gums is somewhat scary and certainly catches you off-guard. What is the bump on the gums and how to manage it.

Bumps after wisdom teeth removal 

Bump after wisdom tooth removal is not uncommon. Wisdom tooth removal involves several steps such as incision, raising the gum tissue, cutting bone, suturing the gum tissue.  The cause of the bump and the type depends on some factors.

  • Is the bump hard or soft
  • What is the color of the bump
  • Whether there is any pus discharge
  • Whether is any pain associated

The bump may be a healing phase where certain pieces of tooth or bone which are fractured and leftover are removed by the body. This pieces might trigger a inflammatory response which might appear as a bump.

The hard bumps may be pieces of bone which got fractured during the wisdom tooth removal.

What can i do for bump on gums after wisdom tooth removal:

Follow, Dentist or Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon post-op instructions to minimise the complications.

First, check whether there is any pain or not.

Is there any pus coming out. If there is abscess like appearance after more than 1 week of extraction, visit your Dentist immediately. In between you can have saline gargles.  DOs and DONTs after wisdom tooth extraction 

If the appearance of the site is bone like white in color, then it might be spicule.


Visiting Dentist:

Hard bony bumps might need a radiograph to know the extent.

If there is abscess, Dentist will try to drain the pus, irrigate the site and put you on antibiotics.