Wisdom tooth removal is carefully planned procedure by Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon. There are some specific instructions to be followed to minimise the complications. But are there any unusual symptoms that may surprise and annoy you. Can wisdom tooth removal result in headache.

Can I get headache after wisdom teeth removal

Well, its not uncommon. There are chances that you may feel bad headache after wisdom teeth removal

Table of contents:

1. Wisdom teeth

2. Wisdom teeth infection

3. Wisdom tooth removal

4. Headaches and wisdom tooth removal

  Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth. In most of times, they will not erupt completely in our mouth. They got stuck deep inside diagonally, angulated or horizontally inside mouth. If they partially come out into mouth, gum covers it and makes it difficult to brush and clean.

  Wisdom teeth infection

Poor Oral hygiene leads to food impaction and obviously bacterial infection. Infection leads to several oral health issues such as restricted jaw movements, bad odour… A Visit to the Dentist or Oral Surgeon is mandatory.

Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom tooth removal may be advised to control the infection and subsequent issues. Wisdom tooth is removed while the patient is under Local Anaesthesia or General anaesthesia depending upon the patient condition.

But wisdom teeth removal is unlike any other teeth removal. Many times, It involves lot of effort and patience. But, the immediate query is are there any side effects for this procedure. When the dentist explains that removing wisdom teeth may involve cutting some bone sends a bad feeling. Many doubts, both myths and facts, come to our mind: Can I get headache after wisdom teeth removal, what foods to eat after tooth extraction, will i get pain after anaesthesia wears off and will the jaw bone heal itself. Internet is full of information both lies and facts and it is our duty to look into it. Some of our fears like healing are genuine and some info about wisdom tooth removal is overblown.

Headaches & Wisdom teeth removal

We can broadly identify couple of causes for headaches :

  1. Wisdom tooth removal involves lot of effort and patience. Patient gets tired of the procedure and his jaw may become sore. This may result in headache in some people. Restlessness after procedure enhances the chance of getting a headache after tooth removal. Because of our busy schedules, some of us may not rest or stressful. This may not only impact healing but also our general health. This headache subsides itself or may need us to take over the counter painkillers. But, if persists revisiting the Dentist is better.
  2. Dry Socket after wisdom tooth removal may cause headache after 1 to 3 days. After wisdom tooth removal, healing starts with the formation of blood clot. Some of us, knowingly or unknowingly, disturb the clot site leading to removal of clot and disturbing the healing process. This leads to exposure of underlying bone with severe pain, sometimes radiating to head. Bad breath or foul odour may accompany it. Sometimes, infection or smoking may cause Dry Socket condition. Strictly avoid smoking and drinking fluids from straw after the procedure. In this condition also, treating the dry socket is important than the headache. Cold pack may give temporary relief from pain and swelling. Over the counter pain killers can subside the pain but visiting the operating dentist is important.

Finally, we can summarise that while an experienced Oral Surgeon can minimise the complications or undesirable effects of wisdom teeth removal, Our role is also important. We must be relaxed while the procedure is done under local anaesthesia and we must take good care after wards. Following Dentist / Oral Surgeon advise after the teeth removal procedure is very important to curb ill effects.