No one goes for tooth removal unless it is compulsory. When ever we face an issue with our teeth, we try to subside it some home based treatments or over the counter medication. When everything fails, we visit the Dentist office. This may delay treatment and, sometimes, Dentist may suggest us for tooth extraction. Tooth extraction often raises anxiety as we think about any related complications. Wisdom tooth removal is relatively toughest among tooth extractions. One of the complication we hear or see in the internet is Dentist breaking jaw while pulling a tooth. Does it really happens? What are the chances of jaw breakage? Is it serious and what are possibilities. Lets explore them

Can a dentist break your jaw by pulling a tooth? 

There is a possibility of Dentist break jaw during extraction. Most of the tooth extractions done by Dentists and Oral Surgeons are safe. But in rare instances, there are chances of complications such as jaw fracture.

Dentist breaking jaw while pulling a tooth has many factors involved.

Wisdom teeth, which are vertically stuck inside the bone and not completely erupted into mouth are probably most common site of jaw fracture during their removal.

Removal of teeth impacted within the bone may need bone removal which, may, result in Jaw bone fracture.

Some factors which may appear as Jaw fracture:

  1. Upper and lower teeth alignment may have changed.
  2. There may be Sharp pain from fracture site.
  3. May be loss of sensation and numbness of lip, chin
  4. There may be fever and chills.

If you experience any of the symptoms, after tooth extraction, especially third molar removal, involving bone cutting then you may need to visit the Dentist or Oral Surgeon for further diagnosis and treatment.

Management of Jaw fracture after tooth extraction

Further treatment may initially involve evaluating whether there is a fracture or not.

If fractured, then analysing the extent of fracture – analysing whether the fractured parts are displaced away or intact. The Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon checks clinically in the your mouth and even may refer for investigations such as Radiographs. After clinical and Radiograph assessment, Surgeon assess the impact of fracture.

  • If the fractured part is still intact then a conservative treatment is given with soft diet.
  • If they are displaced, then fixing of fractured part is done.

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