Teeth sensitive after cleaning?

At the Dentist appointment, you got your teeth cleaned and you expect your teeth are super healthy with gorgeous smile. But it ends with sensitive teeth. You are confused why my teeth sensitive after cleaning? Shouldn’t teeth cleaning solve teeth problem.

There may be some probable reasons for teeth sensitivity. But most of these are short term teeth sensitivity. If sensitivity persists or causes pain then its advised to consult your Dentist.

Some of the reasons why your teeth might be sensitive after cleaning.

Short term teeth sensitivity:

Thin Enamel : In some people, the tooth outer surface (enamel) may be thin. This will cause temporary teeth sensitivity.

Damaged Enamel: While in some enamel may be damaged exposing the underlying layer dentin causing increased teeth sensitivity.

Exposed roots: In some cases, after teeth cleaning, the gums may recede exposing the tooth root causing temporary sensitivity. This will gradually reduce with growth of healthy gums.

Calculus and tartar: This is same as above, exposed root surface after teeth cleaning. This will cause sensitivity as while tooth cleaning, calculus which hardly stuck onto the tooth surface is removed and tooth surface is exposed. This may result in sensitivity.