Having our favourite foods after a dental procedure is a common concern for us. Can we have soda immediately after wisdom tooth removal ? Do we need to wait for few days to have soda pop ? When we opt for wisdom tooth removal, we receive before and after wisdom tooth extraction instructions from the surgeon. But we have many doubts about diet and beverages.

Can you drink soda after wisdom teeth removal

You need to follow some dietary restrictions after wisdom tooth extraction. Soda or other carbonated beverages are better avoided for 72 hours of tooth extraction. Fizzy drinks cause bubbles inside the mouth which may disturb the blood clot and may result in dry socket condition or delay healing.

Healing after wisdom tooth extraction

After wisdom tooth is extracted, you are given post surgery instructions. Post surgery instructions include about diet, rest, adverse habits and possible complications. Blood clot is formed at the site of extraction. This blood clot acts as a barrier between underlying bone and tissues and outer environment. This blood clot quickens healing. For 72 hours after wisdom tooth extraction, there are higher chances of getting dry socket – a painful condition where the blood clot is disturbed and underlying tissues are exposed.

What happens when you have soda after wisdom tooth extraction?

When you have carbonated drinks such as soda, the bubbles from the soda can disturb the blood clot from the extracted site delaying the healing phase. This may result in dry socket condition also.

When can you have soda after wisdom tooth extraction?

You need to avoid soda pop for at least three days of wisdom tooth extraction. It is better to avoid all carbonated beverages for at least three days.

Can I take beverages other than fizzy drinks?

You can have other beverages such as cold smoothies and fruit juices. Just remember to take them without using a straw. Straw should be avoided while taking fluids as it may dislodge or displace the blood clot at the extraction site thereby delaying healing.

Can I have hot beverages immediately after tooth extraction?

Have plenty of fluids after Oral Surgery but just like avoiding hot solid foods, avoid hot liquids such as Coffee, Tea, Hot chocolate and other hot drinks for 2 days after tooth removal. The heat from this liquids may irritate and delay the healing process.

Following surgeon’s advise after wisdom tooth removal enhances faster healing and less discomfort for you. And if there is any complication or any signs of dry socket, you must visit the surgeon as soon as possible.

Why Wisdom tooth is removed?

Wisdom tooth is the last tooth to erupt in the mouth. With no space left to erupt completely, it may get stuck inside the jaw bone resulting in difficulty in accessing the site with brush. This may lead to infection. With little space left, wisdom tooth may put pressure on the neighbouring tooth. This all lead us to opt for wisdom tooth extraction.

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