Tooth extraction requires good post extraction care.  Not only for tooth extraction, all oral surgical procedures require good post operative care. Diet plays a major role in healing after oral surgical procedures. After extraction, only liquid diet is advised for few days. Are you wondering when can you have solid foods after tooth extraction.

When can i eat solid food after tooth extraction

After tooth extraction, you are advised to avoid solid foods for 72 hours. Healing after tooth extraction depends on several factors.  Diet plays an important role in healing. Liquid and soft foods are advised immediately after tooth extraction. But solid foods such as meat, legumes and more plays a vital role in our nutrition.

Why should i avoid solid foods after tooth extraction ?

Solid foods need more chewing and some solid foods with have sharp margins can disturb the blood clot over the extracted site. Some solid foods particles get stuck in the socket. This may lead to dry socket and  delays healing. But, do remember that your diet have enough nutrition to fasten healing.

As the extraction site is healed, you will be more comfortable having solid foods. Start with little bit of solid foods after 72 hours. If having solid foods results in pain, you can again continue with liquid or semisolid diet and consult your Dentist office. If you are comfortable you can add more foods to your diet.

Stocking up your cabin with required nutritious liquid, semisolid foods before extraction lessen your trouble.

But in some, your dentist clearly advise to have solid foods after a week or so. You may enquire your Dentist about chewing solid foods on the other side of tooth extraction site.

Diet plays major role in healing. But that doesn’t lessen the importance of other factors in healing after tooth extraction.



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