Everyone loves a lovely smile. Teeth play a vital role in smile. Well articulated and orderly teeth makes smile beautiful. This is the reason for overwhelming demand for braces and aligners all over the world. But why some may experience upper teeth, especially front teeth, forward ? How to deal with forward teeth? Why upper teeth are forward? Can we retract the upper teeth backwards? Are there any Dental treatment options available ?


  1. Why upper teeth are forward
  2. Treatment options
  3. summary

Why Upper teeth are forward:

When Upper and lower teeth are aligned properly, we can maintain good oral hygiene as becomes easy for brushing and flossing. Maligned and crooked teeth makes brushing and cleaning harder. But why upper teeth are more prone to come forward and can lower teeth also come forward.

Many causative factors influence the movement of upper front to come forward.

  1. Genetic factors: In some people, genetic factors influence to move the upper teeth forward. The jaw size may be smaller causing the teeth to crowding and moving forward to accommodate themselves.

Treatment Options for forward teeth:

Braces and Aligners are popular treatment options for properly aligning the front teeth.

Braces are broadly of two types: Metal & Ceramic braces. There are also lingual braces and Invisalign

Metal Braces were the most commonly used all over the world. Metal braces are still the most effective braces treatment. But it comes with its own disadvantages such as not aesthetic in appearance and foods sticking to braces.

Ceramic braces are some what more aesthetic compared to metal braces and as effective as metal braces.

Lingual braces are invisible from outside but are least effective.

Invisalign is the popular option among youngsters. They are removable and aesthetic in appearance. But they are not advised for severe maligned teeth.

In some cases, where jaw bones are protruded, only braces cannot solve the problem of protruded teeth. In these cases, Orthognathic surgery is needed. In this surgery the protruded upper jaw bone is corrected without disturbing the teeth. Orthognathic surgery is done by Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.


There are several possible causes for forward front teeth. Forward front teeth are not pleasing and many of us think of correcting them. Braces and Aligners are popular options available. Invisalign keeps on growing popularity among youngsters. In few cases Orthognathic surgery in needed.