After your wisdom tooth removal, you have plenty of reasons to worry. Doubts keep on lingering such as what to eat what to avoid and What to drink. We are confused about the diet. Diet helps immensely after oral surgeries. But type of diet remains a concern. Liquid and semi solid diet plays a good role after wisdom tooth extraction. Following Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon’s instructions before and after wisdom tooth removal overcome fear and anxiety.

Can i eat rice after wisdom teeth removal

First 24 hours of wisdom tooth extraction, soft diet is recommended. Take only cold food for 24 hours after extraction. Off course, you can have rice after tooth extraction but its better to take surgeon’s advise before having any food.

Softer foods after tooth extraction 

Prefer softer and cold foods immediately after extraction. Soft foods will be gentle on our mouth tissues. While hard and tough foods may disturb the blood clot and delay healing.

Most of us prefer Ice creams, Yogurt, applesauce, mashed potatoes after extraction.

But nutrition plays a major role in healing. Continuously having above food only will not give us enough strength and nutrition. So, we think of having rice and other diet.

Rice after tooth extraction

Well cooked rice is soft, requires less amount of chewing and easily digestible. So, it is preferred diet after tooth extraction. But, after having rice, there are chances of it getting stuck in the socket, particularly in lower wisdom tooth removal site. If rice gets stuck, gently rinse the site to remove it.

Precautions after wisdom tooth removal

Whether to have rice immediately after tooth removal is better decided by the operating surgeon. Depending on difficulty involved in extraction, your health and postoperative swelling the surgeon will guide you about the diet.

But after 3 days post extraction, you better have balanced, nutritious diet.


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