Wisdom teeth, usually, erupt between 17 and 25 years of age. As the wisdom tooth is the last tooth to erupt in the mouth, there will be minimal space left in the mouth to erupt. This makes them either partially erupt or get stuck inside jaw bone. Brushing becomes difficult as brush rarely reaches all the surfaces of wisdom tooth. This results in bacterial infection resulting in pain, swelling and bad breath. This makes you to consult a Dental surgeon resulting in an appointment to remove the tooth. You need to make all the arrangement for after wisdom tooth extraction – diet, rest and more. But we have some lingering questions about food. When can we eat our favourite foods. When can i eat chips after wisdom tooth removal.

when can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal

Crispy and crunchy foods are best avoided for 24 hours after wisdom tooth extraction. Chips are best avoided for up to 72 hours after wisdom tooth extraction. Soft foods are best option within 24 hours of extraction.

Why should i avoid eating spicy chips after tooth extraction

  1. Crunchy chip pieces have chances of blocking the wisdom tooth removal site disturbing the blood clot. This may delay healing, reinfecting the site. This may result in rare dry socket condition.
  2. Spicy foods can irritate the site of extraction.

When can I have chips

You can have chips after 3 days of wisdom tooth removal. But, ultimately, you should take your surgeon’s suggestion. Every wisdom tooth extraction is different and surgeon can give the best suggestion.

You can have crunchy and crispy foods after 3 days chewing the opposite side of wisdom tooth extraction – Eat right side, if extraction site is on left.

What foods to take immediately after extraction:

Soft foods are the most preferred diet. Applesauce, purees, ice creams, soups, yogurt, mashed potatoes, bananas and other soft diets are most preferred immediately after wisdom tooth extraction.

Soft foods don’t require much chewing unlike tough foods. Chewing vigorously may disturb the extraction site and blood clot.

Healing after wisdom tooth removal

Healing time varies in every person after tooth extraction. Healing depends on several factors. Diet plays a major role.

Eating nutritious food after tooth extraction makes healing quicker.

So, softer, bland foods are preferred rather than crisper chips after wisdom tooth extraction. Chips may delay healing and irritation. So better avoid for at least 3 days.

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