After lot of thought, we decide to go for wisdom tooth removal. Still some fear lingers our mind about after effects of wisdom tooth extraction and instructions to follow after. Can I sleep comfortably after tooth removal or should i maintain a particular sleep position is another doubt that stuck in our mind. Let us discuss the sitting position and it helps our recovery.

How long do i have to sleep sitting up after wisdom teeth removal

Piling pillows behind us  and sleep sitting is recommended position after wisdom tooth removal. It is recommended to sleep in this position at-least for 72 hours. Sleeping upright with head elevated is advised as it will help control bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction.

Sleep sitting up after wisdom teeth removal is one among the common queries after tooth removal. some of the queries are as follows:

  • Will I feel pain after anaesthesia wears of completely.
  • Can I have good sleep?
  • Any chance of getting swelling.
  • Will i have fever
  • Can I attend office tomorrow.

Apart from all of the above another common question is how to sleep after tooth removal ? What should be my sleeping position?

Sleeping and sleeping position is one of the common queries in dental offices after tooth removal.

Wisdom tooth:

Wisdom tooth is the last tooth to erupt in the mouth. Due to lack of space in the mouth, the wisdom tooth either comes out completely, partially or totally stuck inside the jaw bone. In many, wisdom tooth needs removal.

Wisdom tooth removal :

Wisdom tooth removal is a surgical procedure. Wisdom tooth removal may involve cutting the jaw bone in which tooth got stuck. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are referred for the removal of wisdom teeth.

Sleeping position after wisdom tooth removal:

How to sleep and what sleep position is good after tooth removal is a common doubt for us.

Sleeping sideways is most recommended position for sleeping on the first night after wisdom tooth removal.

While sleeping, elevating your head with pillow support for 3 – 4 days after tooth removal is recommended.

So, side sleeping with head elevated is ideal position on the night of tooth removal.

Sleep sitting up after wisdom teeth removal is another suggested position only if you have discomfort sleeping in side position.

Other Wisdom tooth removal post-op instructions:

Good sleep is always recommended after tooth removal. Many research points out to sleeping promotes healing. Quicker healing makes you do your routine duties normally.

Removal of wisdom tooth, many times, involves great effort – cutting bone, gum tissues tear, suturing. Pain is invariably felt after anaesthesia wears off. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon advises pain reliving medication. Taking medication as advised helps relieving the pain.

Having soft food is the recommended diet for tooth removal. Avoid sticky and crispy diet. Avoid eating on the side where tooth is removed.

Cold diet is preferred on the day of tooth removal. Your diet is best if taken cold and not hot or warm. Cold fluids or semi solid soft diet also helps clot formation and healing.

Applying ice pack on the cheeks at the area of extraction is preferred. Ice pack over the cheek fastens blood clotting at the extracted area.

Avoid brushing on the area of tooth removal. Maintain good oral hygiene for quicker healing.

Avoid alcohol and smoking to promote healing. Smoking may disturb the healing and prolong the process.